Scene I - Kansas City in Mexico

The pods opened one by one as dazed soldiers slowly begun to come out and stretch their frozen limbs. One of them, a bio-enhanced super soldier, managed to rescue a drowning marine from certain death, as his pod had unfortunately hit the water and was sinking. The bio-soldier, code name 5503, had risen first, as he had no need for recuperation time after cryo-stasis. Although, something was different after the crash. Many systems malfunctioned.

Apart from the bio-soldier and the marine he rescued (a veteran soldier, specialized in assault), the others were gathering up and evaluating the situation. A scout and specialized sniper, capable of infiltration missions and deep reconnaissance. A pilot, well-known for getting out of tough situations. A colonel, scientist in the field of advanced physics and innate talent in pyrokinesis. And his cousin, one of the best engineer on the mission, also gifted with psionic talent. They stood next to each other on the shore of what appeared to be a beach somewhere in Mexico, as the scout noticed. Armed with a combat knife, a few says worth of rations and a flare gun each, they discovered the homing beacons on their pods had died, so they would have to walk to the nearest signs of civilization and phone home. They considered also going to the crashed part of the ship that had probably broken off from the rest. Perhaps they had crash landed too far away and a search party would take long to find them. They would require some guns, or some better shelter.

Carrying a few gear from the pods along with them so they can see at night and have some sort of power to activate the transmitters, they went on. Strangely they had to fight some suicidal, enraged, mutated pigs on the way. But they reasoned that. Radioactive fallout from some nearby laboratory, or experiments gone loose. So they skinned them and made boots and satchels out of them. Then, they had to alter their course to evade some sort of giant lizard. But they reasoned that, too.

After a few days, they reached the crash site. It did not seem as if it had been found by anyone yet. A whole, bloody informary and weapon locker of a fucking gigantic spaceship. And those who sent it on that mission did not give a crap now? But they reasoned that, too. Perhaps the same radiation that mutated the pigs in the area (and maybe the lizard, yes), jammed every attempt to find anything in these lands. So they searched through the wreckage for anything salvageable. Guns, ammo and the occasional random tidbit here and there. They stayed there for more than a week, resolving to wait in that spot till they are found. They fired some of their flares, but noone came. They reasoned that one, too. Maybe this place had been taken over by Mexicans and they did not let them pass? So they found a .50 caliber machine gun and placed it looking at the entrance of the small gorge of the crash site.

What followed next they found no normal reasoning for…

Scene I - Kansas City in Mexico

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