Psionics come in two varieties. The first is a mutation, encountered throughout the new world. These mutants develop only a single ability that they may manifest. This ability increases as they increase in power. The second is encountered only in the old world, where things were more advanced and controlled. It is the training some people received, if they had the potential to develop psionics. Years of training, conditioning and experiments led one to be able to manifest controlled powers. However, such people were limited to a specific set of powers.

Also, some people from the old world developed a sort of wild talent in psionics, that made them able to perform small feats or enhance their abilities.

Trained Psionics
Pyrokineticist: Fire-controller, able to channel fire and increase heat.
Empath: Understanding of emotions and moods.
Befuddler: Able to alter senses.
Locator: Sense people, places, even in distand lands.
Diviner: Predict the near future. The further away the prediction, the less accurate.
Bodymind: Able to control bodily function to near perfection.
ESper: Thought reader.
Psychokineticist: Telekinesis using the power of the mind.

Psionic Powers Allowed
For trained psions, use the normal psionic rules of 3.5 edition, except the psion chooses either Wisdom or Intelligence for primary stat. Also use minor caster level and give half the powers normally available. Only specific powers are allowed per ability.

Pyrokineticist Available Powers


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