Jeff Rogers

Tall and muscular, Jeff is the typical Special Ops slightly psychotic guy.


Jeff is about 1.83m tall and weight at 90kgs and is very fit and quite muscular. He has brown hair that is meticulously kept “regulation short” and dark brown eyes. His face is always clean-shaven and his nose is somewhat malformed in a way that betrays some past disagreement with a blunt object.


24 years old, he joined the army at the age of 18 and the Special Forces soon after that, at the age of 20. He has received extensive training in survival, scouting, locating and guerilla missions.
In between weapons and survival training he was taught to recognize essential flora and fauna around the world, to better aid him in providing supplies first for himself and then for his squad.

From his years in the military, he has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was on-board the spaceship as part of the recon detail, executing advance scouting missions and signalling for reinforcements when that was required.

Jeff Rogers

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