“Bad news is, we’re actually in Kansas” – first quote after the ship crash landed back to earth.

An exploratory mission to another planet, sent decades ago. Its purpose to identify and bring back any alien substances or living organisms it encounters on that planet. Their mission, a success. the team gathered samples of small insects and plants, as well as a new gel-like substance that would harden immensely on impact. Their return to earth was not so much a success.

The entire ship broke out of the warp-gate into a magnetic storm that immediately disrupted most of its systems and sent the ship in an uncontrolled, spiral course to certain doom on the earth below. Thankfully, the storm also disrupted the some of the cryogenic capsules that preserved the entire team through their long journey home. But by the time the nauseated crew of Parlak-V recovered, it was already too late. Small parts of the ship detached from the main and entered the atmosphere as blazing comets, futile attempt of the ship’s defensive systems to recover its state. The frantic attempts of those few who ran to their stations were not enough. As it turned out, those who did wake up were the unlucky ones. They watched as the safety measures of the ship ejected those cryo-capsules that had not opened. Moments before the ship hit the ground and turned into a pile of molten metal.

The cryo-pods auto pilot led them to safe spots near the river, somewhere north of Kansas City. Or what used to be Kansas City. As the pods opened one by one, the few survivors begun to find each other and group up to return home. But home was not there anymore…

Apocalypse - Welcome Home!

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